Social media may be all the rage for teenagers communicating, but don’t rely on it to invite people to your graduation party. Parents reported lackluster results from social media invites, citing lots of confirmed guests ended up being no-shows. Of those using social media, 55% were satisfied with the control over who was invited, but only 39% felt they had a good idea on how many people would attend. One party planner explained her disappointment, “The people I mailed paper invitations to attended the party. Of the people invited over Facebook, only about 10% showed up.”

Another party planner said, “My older son graduated back in the days of using the US Mail and handing out invites in school.  Facebook can scare you.  349 confirmed guests!  We had approximately 60 kids stop by.” Use social media as a supplement to mailing or handing out attention-getting invitations to your A-list.