Want a great turn out?

We strongly recommend having your party before graduation. People are excited to attend parties, and are not exhausted from going to so many. You also have a much better chance with caterers and rental companies if you plan a celebration in May instead of June. However, look out for Memorial Day and our favorite, Mother’s Day. The parties that are held in May, usually get the best turn-out. You will be glad to have the stress of planning a party behind you so you  can just enjoy all the graduation events.

Want to save money?

Schedule your party on the busiest day for other parties. Many of your guests will not be hungry. The first Saturday after the graduation ceremony is typically the busiest.

Selecting a date is your first major commitment. Look at your calendar. What works best for your family? Your relatives? Are there any events already scheduled? Are some of your out-of-town guests going to want to bring their school-age children?

Warning… weekends in June are very busy. A lot of people will be having graduation parties on the same weekend as the graduation ceremony.

There will be several events that you may not even be aware of that may conflict with your date. For example, the end of the year school team/club banquets are usually not scheduled with much notice. Check the school district calendar first, and call your coaches and teacher advisors for information on events. Although your grad may not be involved, some of the people on your invitation list might be.

Area churches may organize a Baccalaureate service (a nondenominational service). If so, hosting your party immediately following this service is a great choice.

Be sure to check with neighbors. You don’t want to have a party at the same time. Parking could be a problem. Similarly, you may want to consult with your graduate’s close friends. You don’t want your parties to conflict.

When you think about the date, decide if you would like to celebrate in the morning, the middle of the day, or the evening. Dare to be different.

We feel strongly that you should not serve alcohol at graduation parties. If you want to avoid the pressure to serve alcohol, host your party earlier in the day. People won’t expect it. If you plan an early party, have everything possible set up the day before.

As soon as you’ve picked your date, let out-of-town family and friends know so they can plan.