Your party’s budget will depend a great deal on what you plan to serve and how much you can afford for extras like a tent, rental tables, and decorations. Budgets range from $500 to over $6,000.

Here is a sample budget for you. Simply fill in the blanks.

   Quantity: _______ x Printing Price _________ = __________
   Quantity: _______ x Postage _______= __________
Thank you notes and postage __________
Rental fee for park or party room __________
Decorations, flowers and balloons __________
Entertainment __________
Tent rental __________
Table and linen rental __________
Tribute boards and scrap book assembly __________
Banners and signs __________
Caterer, Food __________
Beverages __________
Plates, napkins, silverware and glasses __________
Hire a food server/helper __________
Home improvement
(Were you going to do it anyway?)
Cleaning services __________
Other fun stuff to rent or buy __________
TOTAL: __________

Warning: Last minute ideas often lead to going over budget. Determine your plan and stick to it. If a great idea comes up close to the party, be cautious about adding expenses.