Graduation is an important milestone in life and the perfect opportunity to celebrate.

Selecting a date and location is your first priority! Here is our advice:

Planning a graduation party will take about 3 months. If you get started earlier you won’t regret it. It’s wise to work on scrap books and tribute boards well in advance to alleviate your stress.

Make your Graduate the Guest of Honor

If you lose sight of this as you plan for his party, you may find yourself screaming “you never appreciate the things I do for you!” It’s easy to lose sight of the main point when you’re overwhelmed by meatball recipes. Let your graduate make choices right up front. He may hate meatballs.

Begin by asking:

  • “What kind of graduation celebration do you have in mind?”
  • “Shall we invite just our close relatives and a few friends, or do you want a big party?”
  • “Would you like to combine parties with a friend or neighbor?”
  • “What kind of food would you like to serve?”
  • “Would you like to select photos and items to display?”

As you progress with your party plans, be sure to keep your graduate involved in decision making.

Let your grad:

  • Select or make the invitation and the invitation list.
  • Decide on the menu.
  • Select items to display that put your graduate in a good light. They may be funny, but don’t ever put out photos they don’t like.