Honoring your graduate is the most important component of the graduation party. If you have been organized over the years, you may have photo albums up to date, and just need to set them out at the party. For the other 99% of us, however, family photos are in boxes and piles all over the house. Now is the time to start organizing your pictures. Our personal opinion is that you don’t want to overdo it. Granted, some graduates have an abundance of awards and trophies, but pick and choose what really represents your graduate. Whether it’s academic achievements, sports or music, display their photos, trophies, awards in a creative way.

Some people do one big “shrine” while others spread things around. Either way, it’s nice for people to see all of the things that your graduate has accomplished.

Poster boards: These displays are a huge hit with the grads. The tri-fold foam core boards stand up best. You can find these at an office supply store. Save money and use regular poster board and attach them to the wall or propped up on a table. Dress it up with her name, stars, stickers and cut out decorations. Include photo captions if the picture is unclear or you need to identify other people. We recommend double sided tape or rubber cement so you can remove the photos later. Your grad may want to hold on to these boards for years.


Your guests will love to see themselves in photos with your graduate. Include photos of the graduate with friends, extended family and teams. Enlist your child’s help in selecting photos and music.

Fun Extras

  • Create a slide show. You and your graduate could create one together.
  • Display sports buttons pinned to a team jersey or cloth banner.
  • Personalized party favors with your graduate’s photo, name and or favorite quote.
  • Display your graduate’s artwork.