Dare to be different!

You don’t have to have a theme for your grad party, but here is some food for thought.

Thank You

Take some of the focus off the grad and direct it back at guests – especially people who have made a difference in your student’s life. Invite all of your graduate’s teachers, coaches, and special friends who helped them along the way. Order a banner that says Thank you! Instead of congratulations.

Off to College

Is your graduate going to college? Deck the walls with college pennants, banners and jerseys from her new school. Check out their college web site. Many colleges sell merchandise over the internet.

Does your graduate’s future college lend itself to a more specific theme party? Texas BBQ? Florida Beaches? Boston Seafood?

Buy a large map of the United States and supply pins with labels for the kids to write their names on. Ask them to print their names and the names of their colleges on the label and put the pin on the map. It is a great conversation starter for the older guests as well.

Did your graduate study Spanish? Did he go to Mexico? Decorating is easy for a Mexican theme, and who can resist a taco bar? Borrow a sombrero, rugs and wall hangings and display your memorabilia with it. Consider inviting your student’s language teachers.

Did your graduate study French? Oui? Ooh la la, build on that theme. French bread, exotic cheeses, French pastries can be set-up around the French flag or a miniature Eiffel Tower.

Is your graduate going to back pack through Europe this summer? Decorate with travel posters, and your invitation could be a passport.

If you can’t get to a real beach or lake, fill up a plastic kiddie pool with ice and arrange your salads and other perishable food to keep them cool throughout the party. Serve beverages with cute straws and little umbrellas. Have plenty of beach balls, yard games, patio umbrellas, lawn chairs and beach towels.

Is your graduate heading to Broadway? Decorate with signs that look like movie theatre signs and lights. Make your invitation in the form of a theatre ticket.

Was your graduate involved in the school plays? Maybe you could borrow props from the school and invite a few friends to dress up and perform