The first thing to do is talk to your graduate!  Make sure you agree!  They will want to invite their friends, but grad parties are also about celebrating the passage to “adulthood” so encourage them to invite adults too.

  • Look at your holiday card list. It’s an easy place to start. Take off people you don’t consider appropriate.
  • Family… of course!
  • Friends of the graduate. Typically, the grads hand out invitations at school. This is kind of scary, considering you have no idea how many kids will come. But don’t worry. They tend to travel in packs (coordinating via cell phones). They will arrive in large groups, drink all your water & other beverages, and barely eat a thing.
  • Graduate’s friends’ parents … especially the fun ones!
  • Neighbors … we don’t like to snub anyone in our neighborhoods. Plus, then they know exactly when parking will be a hassle.
  • Teachers and coaches … which ones really made an impression? Think back to elementary school. It’s nice to jot “no gifts please” on these invitations.
  • Graduate’s coworkers. Don’t forget to ask for the day off. We heard of one party where the grad couldn’t come because he had to work!
  • Friends of the family… especially ones that know the grad.

As you prepare your list, keep the addresses to be used later by your graduate for sending thank you cards.

Many people want to avoid looking like they only invited a lot of people to receive gifts.  We respect that concern.  If you feel awkward about inviting someone, don’t.  However, being the party girls that we are, we would rather not hurt anyone’s feelings.