Most people have friends and relatives who live out of town on their potential guest lists.  We suggest that you invite those you feel close to.

Some people may feel it looks as though they are expanding the list to get more gifts, but just like a wedding, if your out-of-town guests cannot come to the party there is no need for them to send a present. It is simply a nice gesture on your part to share the excitement of graduation.

Decide ahead of time if you are going to invite people to stay in your home and who gets first dibs. Contact your first choice ahead of time to invite them, even before mailing the invitation. If you have room in your home and in your heart for more, contact the runner up as well. It’s probably best if you don’t share your rankings with anyone. Keep in mind that your graduate is going to have a lot of exciting activities going on, so don’t expect him to spend the whole week sitting home with grandma. We also recommend inviting the most helpful person to stay with you.

Once you have your house guests lined up, don’t hesitate to recommend a nearby hotel to other out-of-town guests and be sure to provide a phone number or web sites for them to make their own reservations. This way polite people will not ask if they can stay at your house, and you’ll be prepared to explain that there is no room at your inn.