Chances are you and your graduate will be invited to other graduation parties. We thought you might appreciate a little advice on this front.

Start a basket to collect all your invitations and encourage your graduate to put in the ones she receives. Make sure you note which parties you’re invited to and which are for your graduate only.

Get a special calendar and record all the parties you hope to attend. Include the times, in case parties overlap. If there was ever a time to practice good scheduling habits, this is it. Help your graduate keep track of all of their activities during this busy time.

If you are invited to parties on the same day as your own, the odds are you probably won’t make it. If they have requested an RSVP, call right away, explain the situation, compare notes and offer your congratulations.

Sometimes it gets a little tricky. Are your kids invited? Are you invited? Is the whole family invited? If the invitation is addressed to the whole family, for example “The Anderson Family,”  then for sure you’re all invited. Sometimes your kids will bring invitations home from school; usually these are intended as student only invitations. If it is someone you know very well, have your graduate ask if you are invited too.

Are you unsure whether or not to bring your younger children? It might be best to hire a sitter.  If you know that the family has kids in the same age range, it’s usually okay to bring yours. When in doubt, call and ask.