We offer a great selection of classic and casual graduation invitations, printed in Minnesota, so no delay!

Creating an invitation is your first big assignment!

We recommend mailing invitations 4 weeks prior to your party.

Get your graduate involved with selecting photos, but do not rely on them to pass out invitations to parents of friends. It is best to mail them.

Get started early to take advantage of discounts and avoid express delivery fees. You will not be disappointed with Shutterfly. My son works there!

If you are inviting out of town guests, contact them with the date as soon as possible, so they can schedule their trip. Many people send a “save the date” email to alert their friends. This helps avoid close friends hosting parties at the exact same time.

Over Order

A few weeks before the party your graduate will want to hand out invitations at school. You save on postage, but give up control of knowing who is invited.

Groups of kids will come together, traveling around to different parties in packs. Rest assured they don’t eat much, they usually don’t stay long and are typically on their best “grandma’s here behavior.”

How many extra invitations should you print? It all depends on how outgoing your graduate is. Your social butterfly may hand out invitations like Kleenex. Your book worm may only need a dozen, and rather you mail them. Be prepared to have guessed wrong and have more on hand if needed.

Money Saving Tip! Use postcards as invitations. You’ll save on printing and postage.


Do not rely on your graduate to pass out invitations to parents of friends. It is best to mail them. We’ve heard many stories of invitations never making it to the parents. Feelings were hurt on both sides. Address the envelope so the parents know they are invited. Options include: The Anderson Family (in which case they may bring their whole family) or Jon, Mary and Ashley Anderson (in which case Jon and Mary should bring their graduate).