Graduation Thank You Cards


Graduation Thank You Cards

Graduation Thank You Cards

Photo Thank You Cards



Budget Graduation Thank You Cards

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Thank you etiquette


Graduation Thank You CardsAfter the ceremony, after the party, there's one last detail the graduate needs to take care of … sending thank you notes. 


It’s customary for the graduate to thank all the people who gave them a graduation gift or money.


To make this task easier, order personalized thank you notes well in advance of graduation. You can add some special touches by ordering graduation themed return address labels and envelope seals.


Carlson Craft has a good selection of Graduation Thank You cards, return address labels and seals. 


Our online store also has a wide selection of budget thank you cards. 


Or go to Snapfish to create unique and fun Thank You cards using your favorite graduation photo. 



Don't forget to get stamps, too.  The latest trend in celebrations is PhotoStamps. You can turn your grad's photo into real US postage using


Add another fun & unexpected touch by using these one-of-a-kind stamps on your thank you cards and invitations. 

Graduation Postage Stamps



Photo Confetti & Word Confetti

Photo Confetti

Some people like to spice up their thank you cards and invitations by including a little bit of confetti in them.  Why not go the extra step and add some Photofetti or Wordfetti!


Photofetti is photo confetti made with your snapshots, mingled with colorful accents.  In addition to including it in your thank you cards and invitations cards, you can also sprinkle it on your tables the day of your party. Wordfetti has messages on it like "Congratulations!" and "Way to go!"



Saying “Thank You” is easy ...

Graduate on Graduation Day

Never written thank you notes before?  Don’t worry.  Just follow our simple guidelines.  If you’re still stuck, check out our sample letters for some great ideas.

  • Every gift, whether received by mail or in person, should be acknowledged with a thank you note.
  • Don't limit thank you notes to people who have sent gifts.  Now is the time to remember and thank special teachers, coaches, relatives and friends from high school or elementary school.
  • Send thank you notes promptly.  Start right away and finish no later than one month after graduation.
  • Always hand write thank you notes and hand address the envelopes.  E-mail is not appropriate.
  • Mention the gift specifically in the note and express appreciation.
  • When you receive money as a present, don’t mention the amount.  Do, however, mention how you plan to spend the money.
  • Avoid making thank you notes look like form letters by adding a personal reference to each one.  See our sample letters.



Money as gifts

“Before the cards started arriving, we talked to our son about how he was going to spend the money he received as gifts. We agreed that he could have half of the money, but the other half went into his savings account. I taped the checks to a cupboard and he was allowed to deposit them when the thank you note was mailed. I’m glad we discussed it ahead of time.”


Barb in Dallas, Texas


Sample Thank You Notes


A few guidelines to help make writing Thank You Notes a breeze


When writing thank you notes, always add at least one personal sentence to let the reader know you are thinking of them.  Here’s a few thank you templates to get you started as well as some suggestions for various people that you might send a note to.


Remember, the most important thing is to be personable and to be yourself.  Customize any of the following samples to better fit you.


Template for a gift:



Dear (use the name they signed on the card, or address it to them formally)


Thank you so much for the ________________________. It was very thoughtful. I'll think of you every time I (see it/ use it/ wear it).


It will really come in handy when I go to college. I'll be moving to _____________________ on (put date here). (Include address if known.)


It was so nice of you to come to my party. Having the support of family and friends is very important to me. It was a special day and you are a special friend. Keep in touch!



Warmest wishes/Sincerely,







Template for a gift of money:



Dear ___________________________________


Thank you so much for your generous gift of money. Your support will help me buy the new _______________ I've been saving for.


Money can't buy happiness...but it sure helps!


With appreciation/Sincerely,







Template for a gift from someone that did not come to your party:



Dear ___________________________________


Thank you so much for thinking of me during my graduation - I really appreciate the thought and your gift.  (Comment on gift as well, see above notes.)


Also, thank you for your good wishes as I start a new chapter in my life at _______________ .


I look forward to keeping in touch.


With appreciation/Sincerely,








More Ideas for Personalizing Thank You Notes


Add any of these where appropriate after thanking the recipient for the gift:

You have superb taste! And now I have a sample of it.

I enjoyed meeting you. My parents have talked about you for years.

Thank you for thinking of me.

Thank you for being there when I needed you!


Ideas for relatives:

I am very grateful for the support I have received from family over the years.

You’ve always been my favorite Aunt.

Thank you also for helping at the party.

Does this mean I don't have to sit at the kid's table anymore?

Call me for babysitting!

I hope we get to see you at the cabin this summer.

I look forward to seeing you at our next family get-together.


Ideas for graduates going to college:

I am really looking forward to (school name here). I'll be looking for a job in four years.

Please keep me in mind.


Ideas for out of town guests:

It was so cool that you made the trip for my big day. It really means a lot to me that you would travel so far.

If I ever have the chance, I'll visit you in (their city).


Ideas for friends' parents:

I've really enjoyed being friends with (student's name). She is a true friend.

You have helped me so much over the past few years and it was a pleasure spending time with your family.

I always felt welcome in your home.

I'll never forget the day we went to (someplace special). It was so nice of you to include me.


Ideas for neighbors:

I will miss living here in (city or neighborhood name).

You have been so helpful to our family and I will miss you.

I'll be sure to stop by when I come home to visit.

I'll never forget all the fun neighborhood get-togethers.


Ideas for teachers:

You have made a big difference in my life. Keep up the good work.

Having you as a teacher has made such a big difference in my years at (school name).

I'll try to keep up the good study habits.

You will always be my favorite teacher.


Ideas for coaches:

Thank you for being such a great coach.

I've really enjoyed playing (sport name here).

You're a great inspiration!


Ideas for people who did not attend party:

I'm sorry you were not able to join us for the party. I missed you. However, your support is greatly appreciated.


Ideas for coworkers:

It has been a lot of fun working together.