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Here's what people are saying about and our new book Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish ...

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all this great info. I felt so lost planning my son's grad party and now with this site I feel under control and I have a plan!! You are awesome. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge."

  - Teri Howard, Norcross, GA


"I really enjoyed reading your book; lots of great ideas and information. I read it over twice at different stages in our planning. One good hint is to write both day & date on the invite. I also made the graduation ďhatsĒ with the peanut butter cups and fruit roll-ups. They were a hit. I had several people ask me if I made these and tell me they were a cute idea. My son and husband play in a band so they performed. This was different, like you recommend. Everyone had a great time, especially my son Ben. He did his share of greeting and chatting with guests like you recommend. Great book!"

  - Linda, Port Huron, MI


"Your site is fabulous. I am so thankful that I found it. It seems you've covered every single thing for planning and pulling-off a great graduation celebration. You've thought of everything and made it easy for me, Mom of the soon-to-be-graduate. Thank you :) "

  - Toy, Caledonia, OH


"This site is a lifesaver! I have been planning but I got some great ideas from you that I will use - just ordered the stamps. I know my daughter will be happy with her tribute - and I will be content that I gave her a great send off to college. THANK YOU."

  - Elaine Twing, McGaheysville, VA


"I have been telling everyone about your website. The information was so helpful in planning my son's grad party. TRUST THE FOOD FORMULA!!! :-) Here is a tip for "confetti" for an outdoor party - I had my 7 year old daughter rubber stamp a random pattern with a small graduation cap stamp down the center of the paper table cloths. She felt important, it looked really cute, and made for easy clean up!"

  - Cindy Lowe, Batavia, IL


"Please know that it was a very simple and straight forward process to order the [water bottle] labels. (As you may know, sometimes it is not!) I appreciate the attention to detail. Someone looked at the mock-up, made an evaluation and offered a recommendation. Wow! It is very refreshing to find a company that uses good judgment."

  - Tonya Watson, Hot Springs, AR


"Just wanted to let you know that the [water bottle] labels were a big hit!!!  Family took them for keepsakes and many people asked where we got them from so I gladly told them where I got them.  They were very easy to apply, but we did choose to remove the actual labels and replace with the specialty labels, that was very easy also ... Thanks again!"

  - Karen Shaw, Rockford, MI


"Thank you so much for all the insight contained in this site!  I got some great ideas, like using the baby pool to keep the cold foods cold!  You would not believe the number of people who were impressed at my great idea!!"

  - Jeanette Castoe, Pickerington, OH


"I just want to say ďThank youĒ to both of you for your wonderful book (which I downloaded) and your newsletters. I am in the midst of planning my sonís high school graduation and I wanted you to know (as if you didnít already) what a lifesaver your book is!  I am looking forward to my sonís graduation ceremony and the party but I will be so glad when itís over and we can all relax a little bit before we have to get ready for the next big event Ė sending him off to college. Thanks again for your fabulous book, newsletters and ideas!"

  - Gloria, Roseville, MN


"Your Website ROCKS!  I found all the information I needed right there.  Now my son will have a smashing graduation party.  Thanks ever so much."

  - Mary Cordes - Mother of a 2007 graduate, Cottage Grove, WI


"This is the BEST website EVER.  Thank you for all the useful hints, tips and ideas.  There are soo many to choose from.  I am a very busy mom and you are going to help make my son's graduation party unforgettable!!"

  - Karyn Bishop, Brentwood, TN


"I have to tell you how helpful your web site has been. My friend sent me the link and I've used it a ton!"

  - Karen Moessner, Brooklyn Park, MN


"This website is very impressive!!  You ladies should feel so good about the incredible service you provide the many stressed-out families of graduates.  Thanks a million for all your help and support."

  - Nancy Simmons, Eden Prairie, MN


"In searching through the Internet, came across party 411 first.  I thought there was a lot on it and after viewing your website, there was nothing on it but sales.  Your website has been SOOO helpful, with so many ideas.  The food part has not been an issue for us as we own a meat processing plant, but ALL the other details have had me in left field!  Thanks for the great ideas!"

  - Belinda Gentert, Holstein, NE


"I just had to tell you what an enormous help your website was in successfully planning my daughterís grad party last June. It was in the works for one year. Thanks to you I was able to get organized ahead of time. There was little to no last minute panicking or rushing around. We did all the food ourselves. I had some great friends and family members who offered to help.

The majority of the 150 invited guests showed up. They stayed longer than we thought they would due to the games and toys we had out for kids to play with.

Somewhere in one of your letters you mentioned root beer floats. Well, they were a big hit at our party. We also had deviled eggs. The part where I goofed was in asking 5 friends to each bring 2 dozen deviled eggs. Well, I meant 2 dozen halves but they thought I meant 2 doz. eggs cut in half. So instead of 120 deviled eggs we ended up with 240 of them! We had many leftover eggs.

Thanks again for all your great advice. Iím looking forward to planning more parties."

  - Lori Smith, Rochester, NY


"I just read the information off of the Internet about planning a successful graduation party.  It was very helpful and informative.  I plan on using some of the ideas for a GED celebration I'm planning for my agency."

  - Gail Whitehead, Pittsburgh, PA


"The book was awesome!  Full of great ideas I would never have thought of!  Keep up the good work!"

  - Chelsea, Wichita, KS


"Invaluable, especially when this is your first graduate. I couldn't put it down."

  - Jeanne Fimmen, Eden Prairie, MN


"I enjoyed reading your book so much! It was informative, practical and FUN! Great  Job!!"

  - Carol Kuhl, Bloomington, MN


"Your book is fabulous! Fun ideas!! Easy reading! Really helpful! Well thought out! Way to go!"

  - Vicki West, Riverside, CA


"Great idea, timely, a real service and fun too! There is nowhere else to get this much needed information."

  - Donna O'Neill, Annandale, VA


"Much more than I expected. Mary and Ginger know what they are talking about! They have first hand experience."

  - Janine Gass, Yorba Linda, CA


"Thanks for the help!  I have used your book and information for two graduations and it has been a big help."

  - Deb Johnson, Eden Prairie, MN


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