Veggie Tray with Ranch Dip for 50

Select any combination of veggies you like.


1 lb carrots - washed, cleaned & cut into carrot sticks ... or 1 lb baby carrots, washed

1 bunch celery - washed & cut into celery sticks

1 bunch broccoli - washed & cut into bite size florets

1 head cauliflower - washed & cut into bite size florets

1 lb cherry tomatoes, washed

1 green pepper - washed & sliced

1 red pepper - washed & sliced

1 yellow pepper - washed & sliced

1 orange pepper - washed & sliced

2 medium size zucchinis - washed & cut into zucchini sticks

2 bottles ranch salad dressing


Arrange veggies on trays.  Put ranch salad dressing in serving bowl.




  • Many grocery stores sell prepared veggie trays including the veggie dip.  Shop around for prices.  Prepared trays may not cost that much more especially when you consider your time and effort.  
  • Veggies can be washed and cut the day before.  Store all prepared vegetables separately.  Carrot sticks and celery sticks should be put in plastic containers and covered in water.  All other veggies can be prepared and stored in zip-lock bags.
  • It's better to prepare several smaller veggie trays rather than 1 large one.  Then you can replace empty trays with full, fresh ones.