Meat & Cheese Tray for 50

Graduation Party Recipes - Meat & Cheese TraySelect any combination of deli meat & cheese you like.


1 lb sliced ham

1 lb sliced turkey

1 lb sliced roast beef

1 lb sliced salami

1 lb sliced pastrami

1 lb sliced cheddar cheese

1 lb sliced swiss cheese

1 lb sliced marble cheese

1 lb sliced havarti cheese (with dill or herbs)

1 pint cherry tomatoes (for garnish)

1 bottle sweet gherkins or small dill pickles (for garnish)

1 bottle black or green olives (for garnish)


Cut squares of sliced cheese on the diagonal to make triangles.  Roll up meat slices.  Arrange cheese and meat on tray(s).  Garnish with cherry tomatoes, gherkin or dill pickles, and olives.



  • Many grocery stores sell prepared meat & cheese trays.  Shop around for prices.  Prepared trays may not cost that much more especially when you consider your time and effort.
  • It's better to prepare several smaller meat & cheese trays rather than 1 large one.  Then you can replace empty trays with full, fresh ones.
  • Serve meat & cheese trays as is or also serve bread and rolls and condiments such as mayo & mustard so your guests can make yummy deli sandwiches!