Paying Tribute to Your Graduate


Graduation Poster BoardHonoring your graduate is the most important part of the graduation party.


If you have been very organized over the years, you probably have all of your photo albums up to date.  But if you’re like most of us, family photos are in boxes and piles all over the house.  Now is the time to start organizing your pictures.


Our personal opinion is ... don’t over do it. Pick and choose what really represents your graduate.  Whether it’s academic achievements or sports or music, display their photos, trophies, awards and clippings from the paper in an exciting way. 


Some people do one big “shrine” while others spread things around.  Either way, it’s nice for people to see all of the things that your graduate has accomplished.


Don’t limit the pictures to just your son or daughter.  Include photos of the graduate with their friends, extended family and “teams” or clubs.  Your guests will get a kick out of seeing themselves throughout the years.



People love looking at photo albums and scrapbooks.  It’s worth the effort to pull together photos of your graduate and their friends, teams and special memorabilia.  Assemble a few select photos per event and design a page that identifies who is in the photos, the occasion and any other special information.  An album makes a great gift for your graduate after the party.  Or, have your son or daughter put together the book they want.


Cropping workshops are a great place to get caught up on your album projects, get inspiration and new ideas, and get away from the distractions of home.  Workshops are offered in homes or at scrapbook supply stores.  Organize a scrapbook party with or without your graduates.  If you feel overwhelmed, there are people who organize scrapbooks professionally.  So check with friends or stores that cater to scrapbook enthusiasts.


Oh ... and don’t forget to leave room in your album for your graduation pictures!


If you don't enjoy scrapbooking the traditional way, check out these digital scrapbooks you can create online.


Poster Boards

Some people put photos and news clippings on poster boards.  Dress it up with your grad's name, stars, stickers and other cut out decorations. Your guests will love to see themselves and their names on the board with your grad.


Photo Confetti

Photo Confetti

Visit to create Graduation themed confetti with your grad's photo, high school or college colors, and special sayings. They have a fun & unique product that will make your grad feel really special – photo confetti made with your snapshots, mingled with colorful accents.



Graduation PostersHang up some poster-size pictures of your graduate and his or her friends and classmates. 


These are especially fun if you're having a joint graduation party with 2 or 3 graduates.


Posters can be easily created at  They have many different sizes available.


Photo Books and Memory Books


Snapfish Photo Books

Photo Books:  Can't scrapbook or don't have the time?  Consider making a Photo Book instead. Snapfish allows you to create your Photo Book online.  You can pick the size, color and style and you can include a large number of pictures with or without captions.  Another nice feature is that you can order multiple copies. 


Or create a smaller FlipBook, available at Snapfish.



Graduation Memory Books

Memory Books:  Carlson Craft offers some wonderful high quality Memory Books.


Use these to record special school events and activities.  Some also have pages for certificates and photos. 




Movie or Photo DVD

You may want to create a movie or photo DVD.  A continuously playing “video biography” of your son or daughter from birth through high school set to music is an excellent way to share the memories at a graduation party.  Most people have these playing in the background.  They're fun to watch and are often a great source of conversation.


You and your graduate can create one together, using your own computer and DVD burner.  Or you can go the professional route choosing professional services available online and maybe locally. Check out our online partner, iMemories:


iMemories - Preserve Your Memories on DVD


One of our friends later used the video at her daughter’s wedding, after adding new footage from the groom’s side of the family.


Check out our Graduation DVD page for more ideas and options.


Card Holder/Card Box

Graduation Card Holder

Create a card holder and put it on the display table.


Use graduation-themed Scrapbook Paper or paper in your grad's high school or college colors to create a professional looking card box.


Or buy a pre-made box from an online party store or your local party store.