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Printed Graduation Invitations

The choices for graduation invitations are endless. You can buy professionally printed graduation invitations from a local printer or online at a number of great graduation invitation websites. They can be formal or casual and they can include one photo or many photos or none.


The key for sorting through all the choices is to find a printer that has a style you like. Online shopping for graduation invitations is less stressful because you can take your time, compare options and not feel pressured to buy. Some online websites will even let you order a sample first.


Here are two of our favorite online graduation invitation websites. They both offer fun, casual and modern graduation invitations at affordable prices. Carlson Craft also offers more tradiational graduation invitations and announcement. Both have hundreds of options to choose from.


Graduation Invitations from Tiny Prints

Graduation Invitations from Carlson Craft

click here to visit Tiny Prints

click here to visit Carlson Craft



Print-It-Yourself Graduation Invitations

If you can't find a printed graduation invitation you like or if you want to create something unique or if you just want to do-it-yourself, you can print your own graduation invitations using graduation themed card stock or letter head or even plain paper. has a number of different blank graduation invitation styles (flat card, 2-up, letterhead) to choose from. Just click here to see our selection.


Using Social Media & Electronic Media for Invitations

In today's world there are plenty of online tools you can use to invite people - Facebook, eVite, and email to name just a few.


Facebook may be all the rage for teenagers but don’t rely on it to invite parents, teachers, coaches, neighbors, relatives & other adult friends to your graduation party.


In our July, 2012 survey, parents reported lackluster results from social media invites noting lots of confirmed guests ended up being no-shows. 88% of hosts used some type of internet-based media to invite their guests. Of those hosts using social media, 58% were satisfied with the control over who was invited, but only 47% felt they had a good idea as to how many people would attend.


One party planner explained her disappointment, “The people I mailed paper graduation invitations to attended the party. Of the people invited over Facebook, only about 10% showed up.”


Another party planner said, “My older son graduated back in the days of using the US Mail and handing out invitations in school. Facebook can scare you. 349 confirmed guests! We had approximately 60 kids stop by.”


Use social media & electronic media as a supplement to mailing or handing out attention-getting invitations to your A-list. Use it as a save-the-date or reminder. But don't rely on social media or electronic media as your main way to invite people, especially those you definitely want to attend.


Using Photos

If you want to use photos for your graduation invitations, think about this early. If senior photos are big in your area then these are usually taken in late summer or early fall, well before your senior's graduation. If you're using a professional photographer make sure you ask them about their policy on using one of their photos for your graduation invitations (or other decorations). You may be able to negotiate this in your purchase price or the photographer may provide them at a reasonable cost.


Another option to using professional photos for your graduation invitations is to use your own photos. Casual photos taken by you throughout the years are a lot of fun and much more cost effective if your photographer charges a fee for using theirs.


Who should you invite?

  • Talk to your graduate! Make sure you agree on who to invite. They will want to invite their friends, but a graduation party is also about celebrating the passage to “adulthood” so encourage them to invite adults too.
  • Talk to your graduate! Make sure you agree on who to invite. They will want to invite their friends, but a graduation party is also about celebrating the passage to “adulthood” so encourage them to invite adults too.
  • Look at your holiday card list. It’s an easy place to start. Take off people you don't consider appropriate. Send invitations to the rest.
  • Family, of course! Add a short handwritten note to printed invitations.
  • Friends of the graduate. High school grads typically invite their friends via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is kind of scary considering you have no idea how many kids will come! But don’t worry. They tend to travel in packs. They will arrive in large groups, drink all your water & pop, and barely eat a thing. Some kids may decide to hand out printed invitations. Talk to your grad about this. It may mean you need more printed invitations.
  • Graduate’s friends’ parents ... especially the fun ones! Make sure you address the graduation invitations with the friend's name as well their parents' names or there may be some confusion over who is invited.
  • Neighbors ... we don’t like to snub anyone in our neighborhoods.
  • Teachers and coaches ... which ones really made an impression? Think back to middle and elementary school. These invitations should be mailed or hand delivered by the grad.
  • Graduate’s coworkers.  Don’t forget to ask for the day off. We heard of one party where the grad couldn’t come because he had to work!
  • Friends of the family ... especially ones that know the grad!





Graduation Announcements from Tiny Prints

Graduation Invitations

Graduation Invitations - invitations for every occassion

Warning!  Don't rely on your grad to pass out graduation invitations to parents of friends. It's best to mail them. We've heard too many stories of invitations never making it home to the parents. Feelings were hurt on both sides.

Address the envelopes clearly so parents know they are invited. Options include: The Venable Family (in which case they may bring their whole family) or Jon, Mary and Ashley Anderson (in which case Jon and Mary should bring their graduate).


As you prepare your invitation list, keep a copy of the addresses to be used later by your graduate for sending thank you cards.


Many people want to avoid looking like they only invited a lot of people to receive gifts. We respect that concern. If you feel awkward about inviting someone, don’t. However, being the party girls that we are, we would rather not hurt someone’s feelings. Graduation gifts can be as little as $10. Check out our gifts & gift giving webpage for some unique and inexpensive ideas.


Graduation Party Tip

Tip:  When ordering your graduation invitations, order your graduation thank you cards & personalized return address labels at the same time. Have them on hand and ready when your grad needs them. Thank you cards & labels can be ordered online at the same websites as graduation invitations.

Need ideas for writing thank you notes or need some examples? You can find some on our Thank You Cards page.


Planning for out-of-town guests

Are you inviting out-of-town guests? Let them know your schedule. Call them or send an email long before the graduation invitations go out. Some people send out save-the-date cards well in advance of their party, as soon as they know the date and time.


Are you going to invite out-of-town guests to stay at your home? Or will they be staying at a hotel? Create a list of hotels, telephone numbers, prices and availability for them. They'll appreciate your help with this.


Keep in mind that your graduate is going to have a lot of exciting activities going on, so don’t expect them to spend the whole week sitting home with grandma. Also, decide ahead of time if you are going to invite people to stay in your home and who gets first dibs. We suggest someone that is helpful – the “likes to do dishes” type. Contact your first choice ahead of time to invite them, even before you mail an invitation. If you have room in your home and your heart for more, invite the ones that like to run errands!


Speaking of out of town, don’t plan any unnecessary events for yourself the weeks around graduation. You may be invited to parties that you won’t want to miss.


Looking for less expensive graduation invitations?

For less expensive graduation invitations, here are some popular options:

  • Design and print your graduation invitations yourself. We have a wide range of print-it-yourself stationery in our online store - Flat Card Invitations, Graduation Letterhead, and more.
  • Pick a favorite picture of your grad and go to Snapfish to create a photo graduation invitation. Snapfish has a number of card options including photo cards, note cards and postcards.
  • Create a newsletter on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Include some pictures and some short news stories about your grad. Take a printed copy (or a digital version) to a copy store such as FedEx or Office Depot. Color copies are very reasonably priced these days.

Money saving Tip:  Your grad may come home and ask for 20 more invitations to pass out at school. Either order more invitations than you plan to mail and avoid a reorder, or make a more economical version for the kids. Check Snapfish for less expensive photo postcards.


Design Options

Whether you order pre-printed graduation invitations or you print them yourself, be creative!


In our book, Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish we have 16 different examples of graduation invitations.


Some ideas for graduation graphics include: 

  • graduation hat and tassel

  • high school logo or mascot

  • college logo or mascot

  • confetti

  • diploma scroll

  • baby pictures, school photos, and graduation photos


A simple flyer typed up on your home computer costs approximately 5˘-10˘ per black & white copy (color is a little more). These can be folded and mailed "as is" or inserted into envelopes. Adding color adds excitement but increases your price.


Color invitations can be printed on a color printer or they can be copied in color. You can also buy graduation-themed letterhead and load it into your printer or into a regular copy machine. Check out the selection of reasonably priced graduation letterhead on our Graduation Letterhead page or check your local office supply store. Shop around for copying services.


Warning!  You can't copy a professional photo at a copy store. The copy store should require a written waiver from the photographer. A 1976 law prohibits copying professionally created photographs. So call your photographer to obtain a one-time copyright waiver and bring the waiver with you to the printer. The photographer may charge a small amount of money for the waiver and this will vary by photographer. Or design your invitation with a great photo you took yourself.



We have found that if you're having an open house RSVP’s don’t work. Don’t be disappointed when people don't call. But if you're having a sit down dinner then an RSVP is a good idea. Even with RSVP printed on the invitation you may need to make some follow up phone calls. In our book we have an invitation checklist with more specific suggestions.


How many people will come?

Look at our Food Formula. No matter who you invite or how many, they won't all be able to come. Our "food formula" gives you an idea of how many people to plan food for.


When to mail your graduation invitations?

We have heard all kinds of opinions on this, but we basically recommend mailing your graduation invitations three weeks prior to the party. 


Don’t feel bad if you get them out late. The kids will pass them out at school right up until the day of your party. 


If you are inviting out of town guests send your invitations earlier or send a "Save the Date" card or call them ASAP so they can schedule their trip.



Don't forget to get stamps, too.  A popular trend in celebrations is PhotoStamps.  You can turn your grad's photo into real US postage using PhotoStamps.


Add another fun & unexpected touch by using these one-of-a-kind stamps on your invitations and thank you cards.


Graduation Stamps


Graduation Return Address Labels & Graduation Envelope Seals

Graduation Return Address LabelsGraduation themed return address labels and graduation themed envelope seals are super-convenient for grads & parents to use.


Use them on graduation invitations, graduation announcements and thank you cards. Not only do they make life easier, they also enhance the look of your invitations and thank you cards.


You can order both online at reasonable prices. Check out the selection of return address labels and graduation themed envelope seals.


Photo Confetti

Graduation ConfettiSome people like to spice up their graduation invitations, graduation announcements and thank you cards by including a little bit of confetti in them. Why not go the extra step and add some Photofetti!


Photofetti is photo confetti made with your snapshots and mingled with colorful accents. In addition to including it in your invitations and thank you cards, you can also sprinkle it on your tables the day of your party.