Graduation Yard Signs


Yard Signs, especially weather-resistant ones, can be put up a few days before your party to build excitement and to let everyone know about the upcoming celebration. They're a fun way to greet guests and guide them to your party location. 


Put them on your front lawn, on the corner of your street, or even at the entranceway of your subdivision!



Graduation Decorations from Century Novelty

Graduation Decorations from Cool Glow

Graduation Yard Signs & Banners
from Century Novelty

Graduation Yard Signs & Banners
from Cool Glow







If you're holding the party in your back yard, you can use yard signs to direct people to the back of your house or through the gate instead of having them come through your house.


Personalized Yard SignSome yard signs are weather-resistant so you can put them out ahead of time. If weather is an issue for you then look for this feature.


Yard signs can be personalized or not. Personalized signs are popular because they're one more way to honor your graduate. And they're especially helpful if there's more than one graduation party going on in your neighborhood at the same time. We know of one guest who went to a party only to realize about half an hour after they arrived they were at the wrong party!


Online party stores or your local party store should have a variety of yard signs to choose from. Some of the different styles include photo signs, personalized signs, generic signs, weather-resistant signs and laminated cardboard signs.



Graduation Banners


Graduation BannersGraduation banners are another type of yard sign.


Look for weather-resistant banners so you can hang them outside without worrying about the weather.


Banners come in many different sizes and styles and can be personalized or non-personalized so you can use them over and over.


Check with your local printer to see what options they have. Some online party stores offer banners as well. Selections include photo, personalized, graduation-themed, and weather-resistant banners. These are fun and easy-to-hang decorations.


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