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Table Covers & Skirting

Table Covers & SkirtingA quick and inexpensive way to make your party area festive is to use colored table cloths and skirting.


Use your grad's school colors or, if they're going to college, use their college colors.


For the tables guests will be sitting at, most people use table covers only. For "special" tables like the tribute to your grad table or the gift table use table covers and/or table skirting.


Graduation themed table covers and skirting is also available. Use this on your "special" tables for added flare.


Table covers and skirting can be purchased at online party stores or your local party store. Most stores have a variety of styles, colors and sizes to choose from.



Tip:  Cindy in Batavia, IL had her 7 year old daughter rubber stamp a random pattern with a small graduation cap stamp down the center of her paper table cloths. She used black ink but you can use any color you like. Cindy's daughter felt important, it looked really cute, and the paper tablecloths made for an easy clean up. Use washable ink or latex gloves so your hands aren't full of ink on the day of the party!



Graduation CenterpieceTable decorations can be very creative. There are many different options, either homemade or store bought.


Brighten your tables and make them more festive and interesting with graduation-themed centerpieces, flowers, mementos, pictures or candles in your graduate’s school colors.


Graduation-themed centerpieces can be purchased at online party stores like  Century Novelty and Cool Glow or at your local party store.



Bud Vases

Flowers are always a great choice for centerpieces.  Order them at your local flower shop.  Or, depending on the time of year and if you have a blooming flower garden, cut some fresh flowers ... just make sure there are no bugs! 


Buy some inexpensive vases in your grad's school colors.  Put your freshly cut flowers in your new vases to create beautiful centerpieces!  One mother we talked to reused the vases and created unique arrangements for all three of her children’s graduation parties.  For her son’s she used sports memorabilia instead of flowers.


If your Graduation Party is in the spring or summer, look for annuals at your local garden center.  These can be cut and put in bud vases or small flower vases.  Or pot them in small pots decorated with ribbons.  You can also write different sayings or "words of wisdom" in different colors on each one.


You can buy vases at your local department store or flower store.



Candy CenterpieceCreate fun and interesting centerpieces using Candy. In this picture, plastic megaphones were used as the base and the grad's favorite candies, mini chocolate bars and suckers were attached to colorful pipe cleaners and stuck in the megaphones.


The megaphones were decorated with the grad's name and other decorations. But you can also buy personalized megaphones that have the grad's name, a personal message and a school mascot imprinted on them.


Plain or personalized plastic megaphones or cheer phones can be bought online at various party stores and bulk candy can be purchased at your local Target, Walmart or your local party store.


You can also use candy dishes filled with your grad's favorite candy or candy in your grad's school colors. Personalized and colorful M&M's and Jelly Belly jelly beans are popular choices. Check out more candy options on our Graduation Candy page.



Candles and inexpensive candle holders can be purchased almost anywhere.  Decorate the candles with coordinating ribbon or sprinkle confetti around the candles (check out our Graduation Confetti webpage). 


Pillar candles or jar candles are more sturdy and safer than long tapered candles.  Candles in your grad's school colors or favorite colors are a good choice.  Consider grouping three candles of different heights and/or colors together.  When grouping candles, an odd number is always best.  Candles are especially nice for an evening or nighttime party.



Graduation Party Balloons

Balloon bouquets make fun & festive table centerpieces.  You can use latex or Mylar balloons in your grad's favorite colors or school colors.


The helium in mylar balloons will last for a couple of days. In latex balloons helium will only last for up to 24 hours. So don't blow them up too early!


Check out our Balloons webpage for ideas and for suggestions on where you can purchase graduation-themed balloons.



Snapfish, 20 FREE prints, 12c prints

For one party we attended, the tables were covered with disposable tablecloths in the grad's school colors and Pictures of the grad were scattered over each table. To protect the pictures another tablecloth in clear, heavy plastic was draped over the top. 


Each table was different and the pictures made great conversation pieces since they included many of the party guests.


Use recent pictures of your grad and/or pictures taken throughout the years.  A photo retailer in your area can help you with copies.  Or go to you local copy store and get color copies.  It may be cheaper than prints. 


If your pictures are digital, you can use an online photo developer such as Snapfish.  Just upload the pictures you want and order the number you need.  At Snapfish you can also crop your photos and correct problems such as redeye.


Graduation ConfettiConfetti

Add a special touch to your tables by sprinkling confetti on them.  Sprinkle it on your dining tables, your guest book table and your gift table.


Graduation-themed confetti can be found at online party stores.  You may also be able to buy it at a party store in your area.


Check out our Local Resources page and search for your state to see if we have some stores listed.


Photofetti - Confetti with MemoriesA unique alternative to regular confetti is Photofetti & Wordfetti!!!


This fun & unique table décor features photographs of the graduate and Congratulatory messages mixed in with festive confetti.  Find out more at Photofetti.


Carry your confetti or Photofetti theme through by including it in your invitations and thank you cards.