Graduation Party Balloons


Balloons, balloons, balloons! A graduation party can never have too many balloons! They're one of the most economical not to mention fun & festive ways to decorate for a party.


Check out the mylar & latex balloons at our online affiliates, Century Novelty and Cool Glow. But especially check out the LED 14" "Blinky" Balloons at Cool Glow! They're really cool, especially if your party is in the evening or at night.



Graduation Decorations from Century Novelty

Graduation Decorations from Cool Glow

Graduation Decorations
from Century Novelty

Graduation Decorations
from Cool Glow







Graduation Party BalloonsWhen decorating with balloons, use them individually or in balloon bouquets on your tables, along your walkway or driveway, and/or throughout your graduation party area.


Create fun bouquets by using a mix of mylar and latex balloons and by using a mix of colors.


Place your balloon bouquets on tables or scatter them throughout your party area - on your deck, in the corners of your dining room or kitchen, in your family room ... wherever you expect your guests to be.


Mylar Graduation BalloonsMylar balloons in the shape of numbers can be used to decorate inside or outside.


Another idea is buy a few graduation-themed latex or Mylar balloons. Then buy regular balloons in your grad's favorite color, their school colors, one solid color, or a mix of colors.


Create balloon bouquets by mixing some of the graduation-themed balloons with the regular balloons. Odd numbers of balloons such as 5 or 7 work best for bouquets.


Balloon ArchCreate a grand entrance to your house or backyard with a balloon archway or custom columns.


If you're having a backyard party and you don't want your guests coming through your house to the yard you can use columns or a balloon arch to entice them through the backyard gate.


Graduation-themed mylar and latex balloons are available at online party stores like Century Novelty and Cool Glow or at your local party store. 


Search for local party stores in your state on our Local Products & Services page. 



Graduation Balloons