Getting Started ... Planning Your Graduation Party!


Graduation, especially high school graduation, is a very busy time of year. You may be overwhelmed by the number of activities and there never seems to be enough time to plan.


But don’t worry. This website is going to help you get to work, make your life easier and help you plan a special graduation party.  This website is going to prevent you from getting to that panic stage and avoid some common mistakes.



Time Saving Tip

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When planning your college or high school graduation party, the first thing you need to decide is what type of party you and your graduate want to have.


There are many options:

  • an open house with a few people

  • an open house with a hundred people

  • a party in the daytime

  • a party in the evening

  • a celebration on the week-end

  • a celebration during the week

  • you can have it at home, in a park, on a beach, in a hall, in a restaurant, or even on a boat

Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know
  Graduation Party Planning Guide


Dare to be different!


You don't need to spend an arm and a leg to create an interesting and memorable event. Whether you are striving for an exciting gala with dancing and laughter or a quieter, more dignified event, take the time to plan ahead and be creative.


One non-traditional approach that is becoming more popular is to throw a party for a group of friends graduating together.


Does your graduate have friends or relatives who are also graduating? Perhaps two or three families could go in together and host one large get together. Joint parties take some coordinating, but sharing in the planning, shopping, food preparation and expenses is often worth the effort.



Money Saving Tip

Money Saving Tip:  Throw a graduation party for a group of friends or relatives graduating together.  You can share in the cost of food, beverages, decorations, etc.



If there is any one single message we want to emphasize, it's ... let your party reflect your graduate and dare to be different!


Whatever you do, don’t feel compelled to keep up with your friends and neighbors or the Jones’.




Parents ...


Graduation PartyStop and think. Who are you doing this for? Hopefully your interest in planning a graduation party is to celebrate this major milestone in your son or daughter’s life. Since graduation is a monumental experience for your graduate make them the center of attention, make them the Guest of Honor.


If you lose sight of this as you plan for their party, you may find yourself screaming “you never appreciate the things I do for you!


Let your graduate make choices right up front. Begin by asking them:

“What kind of graduation celebration do you have in mind?”


“Should we invite just our close relatives and a few friends, or do you want a huge party?”


“Would you like to have a joint party with a friend or neighbor?”


“Do you have any ideas for a theme?”


“Where would you like to have the party?”


“What kind of food would you like to serve?”


“Would you like to select photos and items to display?”


As you progress with your party plans, be sure to keep them involved in the decision making process. Let them help select or make the invitations and the invitation list.


Help them schedule their time for attending other graduation parties and school events.


Select items to display that put your graduate in a good light. They may be funny, but don’t put out photos they don’t like.


Always remember ... this is their graduation. Help them celebrate!




Take Notes


This is a good time to get a notebook you can use just for planning your graduation party. Use it to keep track of all your ideas and decisions.


Take notes about the type of party you and your graduate want, the time of day you prefer, where you want to have it, who you want to invite and how you want to invite them (with invitations or online through Facebook for example), themes, decorations, food ideas, things you need to buy, things you need to rent ... pretty much anything that has to do with the party.


You can also keep track of what other graduation parties are planned and what school events are happening around graduation.


This notebook will become your "memory" for all the things you've talked about and for all the decisions you'll make.