College Graduation Parties


Congratulations! Graduating from college is a huge milestone. But hosting a party for a college graduate presents a few unique challenges:



Selecting Your Location


On campus: If you’re graduating from a school that is far from home, you may want to have your party at school with your college friends. If you’ve developed a lot of relationships on campus it’s a great possibility.


When you graduate in the spring with lots of other students, we suggest a group party. If you are graduating “off season”, a.k.a. “late”, then hosting your own party might make more sense.


Backyard Graduation PartyAt home: If your school is close to home and most of your friends are still in town, host the party at home. Take a look around your yard and determine where you would serve food and beverages. Do you need extra tables and chairs?


Consider the time of day and where the sun will be shining at that time. Do you need a tent?


Check out our Choose a Location webpage for more "at home" party tips and for alternate location choices.



Serving Alcoholic Beverages


Graduation Party Bartenders


Before deciding whether or not you want to serve alcohol be very aware of the legal risks involved, especially since you may have many guests that are under age.


We strongly recommend recruiting a mature and responsible friend to tend bar. If you don’t have any mature and responsible friends, hire a professional bartender for the party.



Themes based on your degree


If your degree is in a field that lends itself to a theme, then plan ahead! Here are a few thought provoking ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Medical Graduation Party ThemeMedical field:  If you’re in the health care field purchase scrubs for your helpers/friends.  Serve your punch in urine sample cups.  Hang sheer gauze instead of streamers.  Give your guests face masks as party favors. Serve brain, heart and odd shaped Jello molds! Some of your guests might get grossed out, so use discretion.
  • English major:  Prepare a few signs with famous sayings that you like, or that make you laugh. Make your invitations Shakespearean.

  • Foreign Language major:  Serve foods & beverages from the country of your foreign language.  Display signs in the foreign language and let your guests have fun trying to figure out what they say. Include a foreign phrase on your invitations.

  • Journalism:  Create your invitations like a newspaper or newsletter.  Include pictures and informative or funny little stories and highlights about the graduate - growing up, their school years, where they're going next (hopefully a job!).

  • Veterinary Medicine:  Use an animal theme and decorate with dog-themed or cat-themed tableware, napkins, etc.  Fill litter pans (new ones of course!) with ice to keep beverages cold.  Serve human "puppy chow" as a snack (just go to and search on "puppy chow snack mix" for several recipes).  You can also serve hot dogs, chicken fingers, and ... well, you get the picture!