Help for planning your Graduation Party


Get help for your Graduation Party

WARNING!  You can't cook the food, serve drinks, clean up empty glasses, clean up spills, and still be the congenial host and introduce your friends and neighbors. Donít have your head in the oven when the door bell rings. Ask for help! You'll be thankful you did.

If you try to do it all, you wonít have any fun

A common complaint from parents after a graduation party is:


ďI wish I had more help during the party. I was so busy, I didnít have time to talk to anyone!Ē


So we suggest that you recruit someone to help.


Do you have a friend who is hosting a graduation party this spring who you could swap services with? If possible, recruit a friend who may not know a lot of your guests Ė they work harder.


Do you have friends with children graduating next year? Tell them you promise to help them if they help you.

Hire someone

If all else fails, hire somebody through a catering service or a wait staff company. Itís worth every penny!


For caterers and wait staff in your area, just go to our Local Caterers & Supplies webpage and search for your state. We may have some local businesses listed.

Prepare your helpers

Whether you recruit a friend or hire someone, ask your helper to come early and give them written instructions.


Give them a quick tour of the house and make your expectations clear ahead of time. Explain where you want the food set out. Where it is stored in your fridge or pantry. If you want them to clean up dirty plates and cups. And anything else they need to know

Enlist a Photographer

In addition to having someone help in the kitchen, ask an outgoing person to take photos.


Many parents complain that they forgot to take photographs during their party. Have the photographer take photos of everyone and give them extra memory cards for the camera.


Another idea is to distribute disposable cameras or digital cameras around your party area and let your guests take pictures of each other.


You'll have lots of fun later seeing the pictures that were taken!

Chili Pepper ApronsThank You Gifts for the Helpers

If your helpers are friends or family, give them a thank you gift. It doesn't have to be expensive, just a little something to show that you appreciate their help.


One of our friends served a Mexican taco bar with the help of two neighbors. She gave them each a red hot chili pepper apron as a thank you.


Some other ideas for "helper gifts" include:

  • a gift certificate to a local restaurant
  • a potted plant or flowering plant
  • a framed picture of the grad party kitchen crew
  • homemade cookies
  • a bottle of wine

Another idea is to let your helpers take home some of the leftover food and beverages.